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A Waystone is a structure added by the mod Waystones and allows teleportation to other Waystones. It also acts as a spawn point, like a bed.


Waystones can be found naturally, throughout the world. One is found in each Village, with few exceptions. Less often, they are found at random locations, in the wilderness. All natural Waystones are indestructible.


Waystones can be crafted and placed like blocks. Contrary to those naturally found throughout the world, crafted ones can be relocated as often as you like, by breaking them with a Pickaxe. Thus carrying one with you, gives you access to your whole known Waystone network.

Empty Stone Bricks Empty
Stone Bricks Nether Star Stone Bricks Waystone
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian


By right clicking a Waystone, you can open up a menu that will list all Waystones you have interacted with. The Waystone is permanently bound to your known Waystone network. From the list, you can select one, to teleport to.

Teleportation between two Waystones, up to 1000 meters or blocks apart, is free. Above that it costs one experience level, for every 1000 more meters distance, up to a max of three levels at above 3000 meters distance. Depending on the version or setting, the increment might be 2000, instead of 1000 meters. Transdimensional travel, e.g. between the Nether and the Overworld, costs always the max three levels.

Interacting with any Waystone, also sets your spawn point to its location, as would interacting with a bed. As usual, that overrides your previous spawn point. Like bed spawn points, those at Waystones can be obstructed. Then the player spawns at world spawn, instead. Contrary to vanilla Minecraft, where world spawn is close to x, z = 0, 0, in RLCraft it is randomized. Waystones as teleport destinations are not as easily obstructed. So if spawning does not work, try teleporting there, instead.

In addition, you can use a Return Scroll or Recall Potion to return to your current spawn point, be it the last bed, Waystone or world spawn. A Warp Scroll or Warp Stone lets you choose any of your known Waystones to teleport to. This is slower than the Recall Potion and Scroll, but more flexible.

By clicking on the name of the current Waystone, at the top of the teleport menu, you can rename it.