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The Summoning Staff is a Magic item added by Lycanites Mobs that can be used to summon various mobs as temporary minions. It requires a Magic Skill of 8.


The Summoning Staff can be crafted with an Ender Pearl, a Bone, and a Gold Ingot.

Ender PearlBoneGold IngotSummoning StaffSummoning Staff Recipe.png
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​​​The Summoning Staff can also be repaired with gold ingots on an anvil.


The Summoning Staff can summon temporary minions by holding right click. These minions are temporary, and their type and behavior can be set in the Beastiary under the Summoning tab. The minions are identical to their mob equivalent in the wild, with the exception of being tamed under your command.

Summoning Focus

A full Summoning Focus.

Summoning Focus is your limiting factor as to the number and strength of the minions you can summon. While holding the staff, a bar will appear above your Hunger Bar that will display how much Focus you have. Each minion has a set Focus cost, and summoning minions will use your Focus equivalent to that cost. Holding down right click longer will allow you to summon more minions, at the cost of more focus.


The Summoning Staff allows you to summon some of the mobs you discover in the world; this includes most elementals from the mod and some other minions. To gain access to a minion, you must have a Knowledge Rank of it; these can be gained by being near the creature, killing multiple of the same creature type, or right clicking it with a Soulgazer. Once your Knowledge Rank of a creature is at least 2, you can summon Subspecies. These are stronger versions of the original mob. The following is a full list of minions that can be summoned via a Summoning Staff, as well as their Focus Costs:

Name Focus Cost Subspecies
Abaia linelinelineline Violet, Ashen
Aegis lineline Russet, Dark
Aglebemu lineline Scarlet, Azure
Argus lineline Scarlet, Dark
Behemoth linelinelinelinelineline Russet, Dark
Belph lineline Scarlet, Dark
Cinder lineline Azure, Verdant
Clink lineline Golden, Ashen
Darkling lineline Azure, Russet
Djinn lineline Ashen, Violet
Dweller lineline Azure, Russet
Ent lineline Russet, Scarlet
Frostweaver lineline Light, Azure
Geken lineline Scarlet, Keppel
Geonach lineline Keppel, Golden
Jabberwock lineline Dark, Russet
Jengu lineline Light, Keppel
Kobold lineline Ashen, Verdant
Lacedon lineline Verdant, Scarlet
Manticore lineline Golden, Scarlet
Reaper linelinelinelinelineline Azure, Verdant
Remobra lineline Golden, Verdant
Skylus linelineline Ashen, Scarlet
Sutiramu lineline Golden, Scarlet
Triffid linelinelineline Azure, Violet
Troll linelinelinelinelineline Azure, Russet
Wraamon lineline Dark, Light

Minion Fusion

Certain elemental Minions can be summoned together to create a more powerful Minion. To do this, simply summon the first Minion, then summon the second on top of the first, and watch as your Minions combine. All Minions summoned this way will be a higher level than normal. In addition, if the original Minions have a Subspecies, the resulting minion will also be a Subspecies. The following is a full list of summons that can be fused into another mob:

Name Minion A Minion B Total Focus Cost Subspecies
Banshee Djinn Geonach linelinelineline Scarlet, Keppel
Eechetik Argus Jengu linelinelineline Dark, Keppel
Grue Argus Cinder linelinelineline Scarlet, Verdant
Nymph Aegis Jengu linelinelineline Golden, Dark
Reiver Djinn Jengu linelinelineline Ashen, Golden
Spectre Aegis Argus linelinelineline Azure, Light
Spriggan Geonach Jengu linelinelineline Golden, Scarlet
Sylph Aegis Djinn linelinelineline Verdant, Golden
Tremor Argus Geonach linelinelineline Russet, Verdant
Vapula Aegis Geonach linelinelineline Verdant, Golden
Volcan Cinder Geonach linelinelineline Azure, Verdant
Wisp Aegis Cinder linelinelineline Azure, Violet
Wraith Argus Djinn linelinelineline Verdant, Azure
Xaphan Cinder Jengu linelinelineline Golden, Scarlet
Zephyr Cinder Djinn linelinelineline Golden, Keppel