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Lycanites Mobs is a mod created by Lycanite that adds an enormous amount of difficult but rewarding mobs, items, dungeons, and bosses.


Alongside all the mobs, items, and other content, Lycanites Mobs adds the following features, most of which only affect its own mobs:


Lycanites Mobs adds 110 mobs to the game. Each of these mobs can be found under a specific type:


Lycanites Mobs' possess 21 different elements in the entire mod. This includes 6 basic elements and 15 para-elements. Para-Elements are the fusion of two separate elements. Every mob is represented by either a basic or para-element.

Basic Elements

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Chaos
  • Order
  • Earth
  • Air
Fire Water Chaos Order Earth Air
Fire Acid Shadow Light Lava Lightning
Water Acid Poison Fae Arbor Frost
Chaos Shadow Poison Void Quake Nether
Order Light Fae Void Gravity Aether
Earth Lava Arbor Quake Gravity Phase
Air Lightning Frost Nether Aether Phase